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Outdoor adventure: Participating experience, Challenging fun, Interdisciplinary innovation.

In order to cooperate with the Ministry of Education’s outdoor education implementation plan and to implement the development of outdoor exploration in school sports at all levels, the Executive Center is actively planning strategies for the promotion of outdoor exploration activities, professional enrichment and the promotion of outdoor exploration concepts. In line with this, hoping to encourage students to go outside, explore nature, and strengthen their problem-solving, strong-willed, and adversity-adapting skills in a team situation where they challenge themselves and learn to work with others. Based on the energy and resources accumulated over the past four years, the Outdoor Exploration project is a great opportunity to start implementing the 2019 curriculum. With the medium-term development in mind, relevant experts and scholars were invited to discuss and brainstorm with each other in the next five-year cycle, and the initial blueprint was planned as the basis for the implementation of this project through the inventory of professional resources in each regional promotion school and the focus discussion meetings of experts and scholars. The project is characterized by “experiential participation”, “fun challenges” and “cross-disciplinary innovation”, and through the design of the activity module that incorporates “guided reflection”, and under the premise of “safe and secure risk management”, the project develops outdoor exploration activities with regional characteristics and “graded challenges” in a “localized” manner. The three stages of implementation and evaluation provide a learning experience of self-breakthrough and teamwork to achieve the educational goal of “teaching for fun”.
  • 計畫主持人英文名字:Chung-chi WuMei-yen ChenChih-mou HsiehKuei-pin KuoXian-Xinag Liu
  • 專案助理英文名字:Jin-hua LiuTing-yi Liao
  • 計畫名稱英文Outdoor adventure: Participating experience, Challenging fun, Interdisciplinary innovation.