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Future Prospects

Due to the changes of the times, the old management mindset and model can no longer meet the needs of today’s environment. In order to ensure the sustainable operation and development of the Center, in recent years, we have started to combine talents from different fields, focusing on the current needs of national sports development, and combining professional teachers from the fields of education, psychology, information, economics, medicine, and big data to plan more forward-looking projects to assist the government in promoting the national sports policy, in order to achieve the vision of “Healthy Nationals, Excellent Athletics, and Vibrant Taiwan”.

Future specific efforts will be directed as follows:

1. Research and development of school physical education materials and teaching methods, promote physical education teachers to increase their abilities and promote the effectiveness of student learning, to achieve social impact.
Revitalize and explore the resources of the flagship sports center and promote the exploration of a commercialized business model for sports programs.
Integrate project resources and R&D results to apply to sports and leisure-related industries and promote commercialization of R&D results.
Actively strive for various cooperation programs between industry, government, academia and sports, and establish close cooperation with industry, government and academia.
5. Assist the Center's program teams to develop multinational sports research teams and increase international academic exchange and cross-disciplinary collaboration opportunities.