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Physical Education Teaching Modules Project Management Plan

This project is based on the concept of the core literacy of the 12th grade national education and uses the physical education (PE) teaching module materials developed in the past as the main axis, in line with the concept of “21st century type of PE learning” of the Sato Learning Community. It is also in line with the 12-year National Education Literacy Oriented Curriculum and Teaching concept, which places emphasis on the “active experience” form of learning to interact with oneself, others, and materials in the spirit of inquiry and dialogue, and to gain valuable experiential knowledge, attitudes, and skills through reflection and contemplation from the experience. As of 2019, 171 Seed Teachers have been trained nationwide, provided 395 certifications, and established a rigorous and solid three-step certification system. In addition, the Seed Teachers have further penetrated into the field of elementary school PE teaching and led cross-field teachers to understand the core concepts and teaching practices of literacy-oriented PE classes, and have implemented teacher certification for each county and city model group in order to enhance the professional development of PE teachers.
  1. Develop teaching materials for physical education modules, and develop contents that meet the 12-year national education and literacy orientation.
  2. To establish a cross-physical education teacher enrichment system to enhance teachers’ professional knowledge and the quality of physical education teaching in schools. The system is designed to enhance the professional knowledge of teachers and the quality of physical education in schools.
  3. To build a system of consultation and counseling to strengthen the bridge of communication.
  • 計畫主持人英文名字:Ching-Wei Chang, Deng-Yau Shy, Ming- Sheng Tseng
  • 專案助理英文名字 Yu-Ting Lin, Fang-Chin Li, Pin-Yu Chen
  • 計畫名稱英文:Physical Education Teaching Modules Project Management Plan