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The plan of full-time coach guidance and management

The “White Paper on Sports Policy” released by the Sport Administration, Ministry of Education in 2013 and revised in 2017, under the core target of implementing the training and management system for physical education teachers and coaches, specifically points out that the cultivation of outstanding domestic sports coaches and athletes to strengthen the strength of our country's competitive sports is a national strategy for the development of outstanding competitive sports, i.e. the quality of sports coaches is crucial to the level of the country's competitive sports and the effectiveness of sports talent cultivation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the current sports coach training system and service effectiveness in Taiwan, and provide necessary counseling measures in order to improve administrative efficiency and service effectiveness, and then continue to implement the reform of the full-time sports coach system and construct a more perfect school full-time sports coach system.
  • 計畫主持人英文名字:Li-Kang Chi, Jun-Cheng Zhan, Xiao-Zhang Tsao
  • 專案助理英文名字 Chia-Le Lu, Cheng-Chieh Chang, Yin-Shan Hu
  • 計畫名稱英文The plan of full-time coach guidance and management