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Primary and Secondary schools Gymnastics and Instruction Development Program

The “2021 Annual National Primary and Secondary Schools Gymnastics and Instruction Development Program” is based on a comprehensive curriculum development approach, with four major areas of work: “teaching innovation”, “professional growth”, “curriculum extension”, and “broadcasting of policy”, in order to strengthen the influence of literacy-oriented school physical education curriculum and teaching, and to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the movement ability and physical fitness of students. This Sport Administration, Ministry of Education (MOE) third year gymnastics teaching promotion program goals are implemented as follows:
  1. Develop gymnastics teaching modules and enrich the teaching materials and methods of gymnastics teaching.
  2. Conduct teaching module certification to enhance the professionalism of gymnastics teaching faculty.
  3. Extending the physical education learning experience to assist in the organization of popularized gymnastics competitions.
  4. Promotional programs to drive benefits and expand media exposure with multiple strategies.
The program will continue to develop gymnastics teaching modules for beginners and junior gymnasts, and provide on-site teachers with examples of teaching conversions; renewal of gymnastics teaching seeds and module teacher certification, training gymnastics teaching to promote grassroots manpower; Assist counties and cities in organizing gymnastics competitions to expand local gymnastics participation opportunities. The learning of gymnastics has evolved from a simple movement to a new era of education that is conducive to the cultivation of literacy, and has brought gymnastics learning back into the school physical education curriculum, and even outwardly into extracurricular activities, family activities, and sports that can be engaged in daily life.
  • 計畫主持人英文名字:Deng-Yau ShyChi Chang
  • 專案助理英文名字 Jia-Yin Chen
  • 計畫名稱英文Primary and Secondary schools Gymnastics and Instruction Development Program