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Encyclopedia of Education and Sports Project Management Plan

Since 2018, this project is to increase the usage rate and efficiency of the sports dictionary through optimization, and to improve the performance and utilization of the sports dictionary. Since the data of the sports dictionary is precious, it must be stored and managed properly, so the data of the sports dictionary must be backed up regularly to avoid damage or loss. In order to ensure the security level of the website system and to prevent the illegal use of other network hacking techniques to attack or paralyze the system, the server status should be monitored regularly and scanned regularly to adjust the performance of the system. At the same time, the Physical Education and Research Center also continues to act as a website administrator, regularly maintaining the system and backup data to ensure that the website is in the best condition at all times; when readers have comments and questions about the content of the website, they can also immediately handle the problem or consult experts and scholars to provide good quality services.
  • 計畫主持人英文名字:Mei-Yen Chen
  • 專案助理英文名字 Yu-An Chien
  • 計畫名稱英文Encyclopedia of Education and Sports Project Management Plan